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Recruitment merchandiser assistant (3 ~ 8) :

1, responsible for the management of the sales contract and other marketing documents, classification, sorting, documentation and filing work;

2, responsible for various sales targets of monthly, quarterly, annual statistics and reports of production, writing, and ready to answer to sales of dynamic leadership inquiries;

3, assist the director do division interior, various department meeting record, etc;

4, gradually promote the use of computer information systems dealing with marketing materials, properly keep computer data, not leaked sales secrets;

5, director of complete other tasks assigned by the temporary;

June, experienced and proficient in English is preferred.

Recruiting senior foreign trade salesman (1 ~ 2) :

Job description:

1. The use of company platform and resources to develop foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers, to complete the company's performance requirements;

2. Through email and telephone communication with customers and achieve customer development and maintenance.

3. Complete the order as required by the company of the entire process, from the development customer, order, documentary, lead to the shipment, making all the relevant documents, ensure the goods according to customer's requirement.

4. Assist other departments related work.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, English level is above 6 priority, proficient in foreign trade correspondence, spoken language is fluent, and the foreign communication barrier-free.

2. Good image and characteristic, willing to bear hardships and stand hard work.

3。 Familiar with the whole process of foreign trade, proficient in B2B platform, such as ALIBABA, GLOBALSOURCE, MIC, etc is preferred。

4. Be familiar with OFFICE software, good command of WORD, EXCEL, powerpoint, PHOTOSHOP, etc

5. Strong business sense and negotiation skills, strong business development ability.

6. Has the strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, serious and responsible work, strong planning, strong pressure resistance.

7. The company's foreign trade business mainly involved in South America and central Asia, the region's foreign trade experience is a plus.

8. Exhibition planning experience is a plus.

9。 This position location, with the salary of not less than 120000, and provide all kinds of paid vacation and training!

"Having both ability and political integrity, good for first" is the puno, the standard of choose and employ persons. We want each puno they are integrity, honest, responsible, diligent and stick to their occupational ethics.

Basic salary: puno company provide employees with the industry competitive and attractive remuneration. In addition, each year we will be according to the company's business development and performance evaluation of the performance of employees and adjust the salary.

Special reward: we also offer other incentives, such as sales performance award, best design award, best engineering construction, the company special contribution and so on.

Dining accommodation: puno, the company provided free collocation reasonable early, middle, dinner and snack, and for the special needs of employees to provide accommodation or accommodation allowance.

Paid annual leave: the company staff can work from the beginning to enjoy the first year of not less than 7 days paid annual leave. Employees paid sick leave from the date of entry can enjoy a day of paid sick leave per month.


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